Track: Future Proofing Your Travel Program for 2021 and Beyond

The global pandemic has changed business travel forever. This track covers what we anticipate will stay, what we expect to go back to normal and the implications for travel programs going forward.
11:00 AM – 11:45 AM :: Room SFO 1
Trends In Business Travel: New Ways Travel is Supporting Business Goals
The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically impacted the way business gets done, especially when it comes to travel. While remote work and virtual meetings may become the norm for some companies, in-person connections will remain critical for rapidly building trust and relationships. Join this session to hear about the trends impacting corporate travel, how leading companies are managing their corporate travel program in this reshaped reality and the new ways travel will support business growth and team building.
  • Danny Finkel, Chief Travel Office, TripActions
  • Randy Luck, Senior Manager, Accounts Payable & Travel, Ancestry
  • Mary Davis, Operations Manager, Tinuiti
1:00 PM – 1:45 PM :: Room SFO 1
Transforming Corporate and Supplier Partnerships Through Data and Technology
The traditional tactics of sourcing and developing corporate client partnerships are no longer effective; in fact, they can hinder travel programs from achieving their goals. By utilizing real-time data and rates that are readily available, corporate clients can revolutionize the process, create more efficient travel programs, and build stronger supplier relationships. Join us in this session to learn how detailed, bi-directional data sharing and a broader usage of rates can help businesses optimize spend and increase efficiency.
  • Ian Charbonnet, Sourcing Specialist, Procore
  • Alex Pyhan, SVP of Global Distribution, Marriott
  • Matt McArdle, Senior Travel Consultant, TripActions
2:00 PM – 2:45 PM :: Room SFO 1
White Glove Service in the Digital Age
Covid-19 has further accelerated the digitization of our everyday interactions. Our digital service expectations are higher than ever while ‘traditional’ high touch service is having a renaissance. Join this session to learn why corporate travel professionals are rejecting the old dichotomy of ‘online’ vs ‘offline’ and how to prepare your travel program to ensure it’s ready for tomorrow’s world.
  • John Keichline, CEO, North America Reed & Mackay

Track: Building Effective Businesses with Fintech-Forward T&E Programs

As the global economy gradually emerges from the impact of the pandemic, Finance leaders will have to find new ways to optimize their organization's T&E program. This track will uncover ways companies can drive savings, minimize risk and increase productivity to fuel business growth.
11:00 AM – 11:45 AM :: Room DFW
Driving Savings & Productivity with Fintech-Forward T&E Tools
As the economy recovers from the public health crisis, business priorities have shifted to operational efficiencies, which presents an opportunity to scale-up with a global, digitally connected travel and expense management program. Join our panelists to learn how finance leaders are using digital payments, policy management and real-time spend visibility to evolve their businesses at different growth stages.
  • Thomas Tuchscherer, CFO, TripActions
  • Jurie Victor, Director of Finance & Accounting, Spikeball
  • Robin Bell, Procurement Consultant, Epicor
1:00 PM – 1:45 PM :: Room DFW
Embracing the Digital Payments Revolution
Online transactions are accelerating, which means businesses need to align financial infrastructure with new ways of making, moving, and managing money. Digital payment solutions will become more embedded into corporate travel and the CFO's financial tech stack. From centralized billing to virtual corporate cards, learn how digital payment solutions are impacting key industries, including travel, and the ways finance leaders can improve spend and risk management worldwide.
  • Robin Gandhi, SVP, Product Management, Payments, TripActions
2:00 PM – 2:45 PM :: Room DFW
How Fintech is Revolutionizing Expense Management
New innovations in fintech have empowered finance teams to shift their department’s purpose from a repetitive, manual function to high-value strategic work. Join this fireside chat to learn how leading Finance teams are adopting modern and innovative digital technologies and tools to improve customer experience in a way that was simply not possible before.
  • Michael Sindicich, General Manager of TripActions Liquid, TripActions
  • Angelina Colombo, Sr. Manager of FP&A, Fast
  • Stephen Coveleski, Director of Finance, Campus Cooks

Track: Driving Safety, Compliance & Sustainability

Safety, compliance and sustainability are top of mind for travel and finance leaders as they jumpstart their travel and spend programs. This track covers what business travel & expense will look like over the next few years, how external and internal pressures are changing the way companies think about travel & expense and what you can do to plan accordingly.
11:00 AM – 11:45 AM :: Room SFO 2
Launching a Green Travel Program for a More Sustainable Future
Business travel and environmental sustainability efforts have been at odds for decades. However, new and advancing technology has made it easier for companies to easily track CO₂ emissions produced from business travel and utilize this data to shift mindsets and drive action. In this session, learn how businesses, airlines and the travel industry as a whole are taking steps to meet their long term carbon emissions targets.
  • Stephanie Day, Director, Car and Lodging Partnerships, TripActions
  • Zack Dolan, Director of Global Travel & Procurement, Concentrix
  • Jill Blickstein, Managing Director of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), American Airlines
  • Brennan Spellacy, Co-founder & CEO, Patch
1:00 PM – 1:45 PM :: Room SFO 2
Building Effective T&E Policies that Drive Safety & Compliance
One of the major gaps revealed throughout COVID-19 was how little travel managers and finance leaders were prepared when the external factors shifted the realities surrounding their travel policy, expense policy, and overall approach to business travel and expense. While these teams needed to take action quickly, make adjustments to travel and expense policies and programs, and have real-time information to base those decisions on, they lacked the tools they needed to accomplish this. Join this session to hear how leading companies are adopting innovative technologies to automate and increase T&E policy compliance across their organization.
  • Theresa Miano, Global Travel Manager, Thomson Reuters
  • Jana Tucker, Travel Manager, Thomson Reuters
  • Erik Nelson, Enterprise Account Executive, TripActions
  • Robyn Gilmartin, Enterprise Customer Success Manager, TripActions
2:00 PM – 2:45 PM :: Room SFO 2
What Your Travelers Should Expect for a Safe Return to Business Travel
As business travel returns, it brings with it a whole host of complexities around getting employees safely back on the road. This session spotlights the efforts countries, airlines, hotels and other companies are taking to mitigate the risks of travel, promote safety and proactively prepare for continuous change.
  • Scott Mayerowitz, Executive Editor, The Points Guy
  • Don Bunkenberg, Head of Regional Sales USA Central & West, and Central America, Lufthansa
  • Henry Harteveldt, President & Travel Industry Analyst, Atmosphere Research

Track: Achieve your Business Goals in the New Normal with TripActions

As we start the next phase of travel in the new normal, increasing user adoption, minimizing risk, and doing it at an accelerated pace has never been more of a priority. Hear how fellow TripActions customers were able to meet and exceed their Travel & Spend management goals, and how your trusted TripActions Customer Success team can help you reach your goals.
11:00 AM – 11:45 AM :: Room JFK
Your Journey to Success in the New Normal
At TripActions, empowering our customers to succeed is top priority. We realize that today's customers live in a society where convenience, speed and efficiency reign supreme, so we’ve invested in providing always-on resources to support our customers when they need it. Come join us for this fireside chat with TripActions customers where they discuss how they’ve leveraged our go-to hub, TripActions Community, to learn, share best practices and build connections.
  • Emy Montiel, Senior Project Manager, Brown Advisory
  • Phoebe Shin Venkat, Director of Community, TripActions
1:00 PM – 1:45 PM :: Room JFK
Saving Time & Money with TripActions Liquid
Many businesses feel trapped in their current system because they worry about the cost required to adopt new technologies: the cost of the new software, the cost of implementation, or the cost of deploying resources to manage the project. But when you automate spend management, the return of investing in a more efficient spend management system can add up to saved money, time and effort. Come hear how easily and quickly TripActions Liquid customers were able to launch and ultimately start reaping the benefits of an automated expense management system.
  • Sam Peters, Senior Director, Customer Success, TripActions
  • Rebekah Sprole, Senior Customer Success Specialist, TripActions
  • Wesley Harding, Customer Success Manager, TripActions
2:00 PM – 2:45 PM :: Room JFK
Managing Change: How to Win Over your Employees and Finance Teams
Change management is all about transforming your business processes, strategy and tools to help improve the way your business operates. The goal is to help drive the successful adoption and usage of change within the business to optimize time and resources. But how do we implement change to your travel and expense programs without overwhelming your employees? Join this session to learn how you can help your company save money, mitigate risk and ensure your employees are safe when traveling for business.
  • Lisa Mackay, T&E Program Manager, Datto
  • Divya Gupta, Customer Success Manager, TripActions
  • Molly Rindos, Senior Customer Success Manager, TripActions
  • Jessica Berkley, Enterprise Customer Success Manager, TripActions